Country and People

In 1456 the Portuguese sailor Alvise Cadamosto was the first European who discovered our islands, which were still uninhabited. Soon afterwards our islands reached a statically important position in the slave trade between the African colonies Portugal and America. The Cape Verde Islands were officially declared a Portuguese colony in 1495.


In the centuries that followed the dark skinned Black Africans, who mostly came from Guinea mixed more and more with the resident Portuguese.

The unique people of Cape Verdeans came into being. Whether dark skinned with blue eyes or blonde hair – our people are varied and unique like nothing else.

We live and love our home. The Cape Verde Islands are called the “islands of bliss” not without a reason. We express our hospitality with the phrase Morabeza. It imparts the kindness and vitality of our people and our culture. The Cape Verde Islands is an unique, genuine and unforgettable destination, which spoils its visitors with sun throughout the whole year. We have a saying here: you can’t describe Morabeza – you have to feel it.


As a native Cape Verdean born on the island of Santiago I want to give you an understanding of this feeling – Our love for our home, for our family and for our guests. Come on a tour with me around my island and experience this emotion.


When you step into the plane after a relaxing and interesting holiday you might come across the feeling of Sodade – a melancholic desire to come back to Cape Verde. In many great songs sung it draws back everybody, who loves our Morabeza, back to our one of a kind island.


And thus I hope that I can welcome you to our little paradise as soon as possible.


With best regards, Caramau Bathala.